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Palo Pinto County spelling bee winner Don Turner (front left) and first runner up Lindy Seigler are surrounded by third through sixth place winners Brayden Hamilton, Michigan Snyder, Grant Gilbert and Conner Bradshaw. Turner will advance for the second year in a row to the regional bee in Fort Worth. Seigler is an alternate.

“Parmesan” topped Wednesday’s Palo Pinto County spelling bee, and made sixth grader Don Turner the winner for the second year in a row.

The Travis Elementary student said he felt confident with all of the words he faced in the bee – easy to say for someone who powered through “obsequious” in the final rounds without hesitation.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” said Turner, who will represent the county again in the regional bee in Fort Worth. He is a veteran, winning locally last year on the word “allegro.”

“I’ll prepare by studying more of my challenge words,” he said, since these harder words are in the initial round in Fort Worth.

Turner said he was bumped in the “regular round” of the regional bee with the challenge word “picaresque.”

The vast majority of students heard the “ding” of the bell after their spelling. Only a few students moved on to the second round and beyond on Wednesday.

Those advancing faced words like “gardenia,” “rutabaga,” “diorama,” “macadamia,” “affinity,” “bruin” (a word for a bear), “gazpacho,” “graffiti” and “mole” (the dish).

First runner up, Lindy Seigler stumbled on “samaritan” in the next to last round.

Seigler is an eighth grade student at Mineral Wells Junior High and one of several Mineral Wells ISD girls who plays football. She will advance as a back-up, in case Turner cannot compete in the regional bee.

The competition wasn’t over when Turner and Seigler finished. There was a spell off for fourth through sixth places.

By the bee’s conclusion, Santo ISD students swept third through fifth places. They were, in order of finish, fifth grader Brayden Hamilton, sixth grader Michigan Snyder and seventh grader Grant Gilbert.

Conner Bradshaw, a MWJH seventh grader, rounded out the group of winners with sixth place after the spell off.


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