When a person prays to receive Christ as their Savior, several wonderful things occur in our lives.

Certainly, our sins are forgiven – past, present and future. We also enter into a personal relationship with God The Father through Christ Jesus the Son. Plus, we are filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit of God as he takes up residence in us. Once we invite Christ to be our Savior, we move from being lost in sin and dead in the trespasses of our sin to being alive forevermore in Christ.

When a person receives Christ, II Corinthians 5:17 tells us that we become new creatures in Christ. What does that mean? For one thing, as a new creature we receive a new position. No longer are we considered to be an enemy of God as we were before salvation. As a new creature we are in a right standing with God and stand before Him just as if we had never sinned. We stand before Him being justified.

Another great thing about being saved is that we experience a new presence. Now, the Holy Spirit of God resides in us. This allows us to have fellowship with God, and in this new fellowship, God reveals to us what He wants us to become and guides us to become all that He desires for us to become. The Bible refers to this process as sanctification, the process of being set apart for God’s special purposes.

Then we also receive a new power which helps us to overcome the power of sin and its temptations. Prior to salvation we are unable to live up to God’s expectations and standard, but as a new creature we are able to become and do all that He wants from us.

David Wilkins is interim pastor for Cornerstone Baptist Church.

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