Every Monday morning at 9:30 a.m., The Price is Right! It’s not Bob Barker’s old TV program, it is not Drew Carey in a rejuvenated new TV program, it is “EmCee-ess” Nancy Martin, Mineral Wells Senior Center director, in a narrowed version of the famous giveaway program.

She has advised that the fundamental character of her program is the same as the long-running, widely broadcast TV show with thousands of dollars involved. She hastened to add that the questions are based on today’s grocery prices, but the prizes are much less expensive (translated “cheaper”) and include small, useful items for take home.

She is hopeful that her version will be both entertaining and practical. Besides, there’s nothing else happening at that time of day; the coffee has been drunk, the paper has been read and the Silver Notes have not yet begun singing.

As you may have read in last weekend’s Index, the March dates for “The Sale” have been set for march 7-8. Those of you who plan to make donations, please note that the “in-bringing” will begin on Monday, the 3rd of March, and should be taken directly to the old gym at the MWISD administration building site. The “storage” facilities available to the center have been filled and it is not possible to accept any more deliveries at those points.

The occasional usage of the gym facilities is not available to the center for storing items in advance of the March 3 date. It is hoped that we will have several able-bodied men and women to help with the lifting and loading, or unloading as the case will be, to expedite the reception of items being delivered.

It has come to our attention, shortly after lifting a box of dishes, clothing, shoes, or whatever is stored in our closet at home, that we participants of the center no longer have the strength nor the stamina to do much of the lifting and loading (except for the spoon or fork from our plates to our mouths), and we sincerely invite friends, neighbors, loved ones and other younger people in our community to come out and help during the three days of unloading and bringing in the donations.

Although these pleas have been presented in a humorous light, it is truly a serious situation if we are left with little or no help for this fundraiser. The Sale has long been a major part of the general funding of the center, and has assisted greatly in keeping the Mineral Wells Senior Center from relying on federal funding, which is accompanied by federal management input.

The unloading at the gym will begin each morning, on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March, at about 8 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. Your help will be most appreciated.

While all the regular stuff will continue as already scheduled, including Bingo which has been rescheduled to an earlier time on Wednesdays, a special “time of the year” stuff is in full swing with Wanda Stiles and her crew of accountants who are providing the cost-free income tax filing each Wednesday until April 9. They come at 9:30 a.m. and stay for a couple of hours.

This valuable service is underwritten by AARP. The center is pleased to be able to host these ladies’ work and provide access to the computers.

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