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PALO PINTO COUNTY – Law enforcement was called to a large party involving high school students and alcohol Saturday night that resulted in two dozen citations issued and a lot of calls to parents, but no arrests.

A complaint of loud music was called into the Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Office at 10:50 p.m. Saturday at a residence in the 4900 block of Airport Road, or FM Road 1195, located south of East Sturdivant Road.

Some students reportedly scattered and ran as the first deputy arrived. That deputy estimated 40 students were on the property. A second deputy and two Texas Department of Public Safety troopers also responded.

Sheriff Brett McGuire said so far 25 low-level misdemeanor citations have been issued for minor in possession of alcohol and minor consuming alcohol.

McGuire said students who were cited had their parents contacted to come and get them. Those who were not drinking were allowed to leave, he said.

The sheriff said there were no adults present, and no one was arrested. He said there were no other incidents beyond the citations issued. Because the students cited are minors, their names are not public.

At least most of the students present attend Mineral Wells High School, according to sources, and are involved in extracurricular activities. The Mineral Wells ISD code of student conduct does not address misconduct occurring off-campus at non-school-sanctioned events unless it rises to a level of certain felony or serious offenses.

While MWISD students involved with Saturday's party will not face disciplinary measures outlined in the code of conduct, district Superintendent Dr. John Kuhn said any of those students involved in school extracurriculars could face consequences within their organizations.

"Teams and organizations typically have their own standards and codes of conduct that go beyond what the code of conduct calls for," he said. "Participating in extracurriculars is a privilege, not a right."

Asked if he felt students involved in extracurricular activities are, and should be, held to a higher standard, Kuhn responded, "I would agree with that."

He said students involved in school organizations and athletics often sign contracts promising to behave and act appropriately at all times or face consequences.

"I do expect them to be held to that contract," Kuhn said. "I expect us to be consistent with what our handbook and contracts say."

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