Goats and lambs and swine and steers and heifers and rabbits and broilers – oh my!

It’s a new year so that means it is time once again for the Palo Pinto County Livestock Association’s youth stock show that begins Wednesday at the Expo Center on the PPCLA grounds on FM Road 1821 North.

Also taking place beginning Wednesday is the annual Palo Pinto County Fair at the Sheriff’s Posse Building just north of the rodeo arena.

Hundreds of county residents will be competing in both the stock show and fair in hopes of winning a ribbon or a buckle. Youth livestock participants hope their projects will sell at next Saturday morning’s livestock auction.

The stock show schedule is:


Noon – broiler check in.

1 p.m. – broiler show.

1-3 p.m. – sheep weigh in.

1-3 p.m. – goat weigh in.

4 p.m. – sheep show.

15 minutes after sheep show – goat show.


9 a.m. – Ag Mechanical Show.

Noon-3 p.m. – swine weigh in.

3-6 p.m. – rabbit weigh in.

4 p.m. – swine show.


8 a.m. – rabbit show.

9-11 a.m. – steer/heifer weigh/check in.

1 p.m. – Horticulture project check in.

2 p.m. – Horticulture project show.

2 p.m. – cattle show.


9 a.m. – set floor prices.

9:30 a.m. – premium sale.


To be a buyer on Saturday morning, go to the Expo Center office and register and receive a bidding paddle. You can register as an individual or as a pool – a group of buyers that collectively buy an animal, or animals.

All sale proceeds go to the exhibitor, who also keeps their animal. The purchase amount is considered a donation. The PPCLA is a non-profit, tax-deductible organization. The organization is unable at present to accept credit cards.


Palo Pinto County residents of all ages are encouraged to enter the 2020 Palo Pinto County Fair.  

The annual event is January 8-10, 2020, at the Sheriff’s Posse Building, located on FM 1821 North in Mineral Wells.  

Entries will be accepted on Wednesday, January 8th, from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m.

A variety of classes are available in Art; Photography; Needlework, Quilting, and Sewing; Hobbies and Crafts; Shop and Tack; Baked Goods and Candy; Canned Goods; and the Kiddies Department.

All entries should have been completed since the 2019 fair and be in good condition. There are a few special rules in some of the divisions.  

• In photography, pictures need to be 8x10 and not matted or framed. Photos will be placed in page protectors at the time of entry.  

• All entries in the Baked Goods and Candies Division should be on disposable plates, pans or covered firm cardboard and should be wrapped in clear plastic or placed in a Zip Lock bag. Recipes are required at the time of entry. Items requiring refrigeration will not be accepted.  

• Items in the Canned Goods Division should be in standard canning jars with a ring in place. Each entry must be labeled with the contents and date of processing.

In most cases, a person may enter three items per class. A $1 fee will be charged for each entry.  Competition age groups are:

• Kiddies, second grade and under.

• Elementary, third – fifth grades.

• Junior, sixth – eight grades.

• Senior, ninth – 12th grades.

• Adult.

More information and complete rules are available at http://palopinto.agrilife.org or by contacting Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service – Palo Pinto County at 940-659-1228. The Palo Pinto County Fair also has a Facebook page.

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