Dear Editor

Letter to the editor.

Dear Editor,

I write on the subject of the domestic terrorism incident regarding mail bombs being sent to Democrat politicians and left-leaning individuals last week.

Unfortunately, as much as President Trump may try to disassociate himself from such things, he has very clearly fomented the situation. He frequently claims legitimate news stories about him are “fake,” gives juvenile nicknames to the press and his opponents, and says that they should be “locked up.” He recently gave comments supporting Republican Congressman Greg Gianforte, a man who in 2017 was convicted of assaulting a journalist from The Guardian newspaper. He offered to pay the legal fees of any of his supporters who engaged in political violence against his enemies at a rally in Iowa in 2016, and later in Michigan that same year.

He lies and obfuscates at such a record pace that his own personal attorneys are dead set against him testifying to Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his Russian entanglements since they believe he would almost immediately perjure himself, even if the first question asked was, “What color is the sky?”

And yet after all of this the President has the gall to state that the current culture of political animosity is somehow the media’s fault? Candidate Trump once said that he “loved the poorly educated,” and it’s easy to see why. By being able to convince a large number of people that 1+1=3, he is unlike any person who has previously held the office he current does — and will hopefully be the last. His ability to make people disbelieve their senses evokes memories of the novel 1984 by George Orwell, where a totalitarian party continually exhorts its citizens to trust the party’s propaganda over their own eyes and ears.

Everyone who voted for Trump and is considering voting for a Republican candidate in the upcoming midterms needs to look at themselves in the mirror and ask if they are helping to perpetuate the current state of affairs or are they helping to correct it. This is not a Republican issue. This is not a Democrat issue. This is a right and wrong issue. The way the President is conducting himself is wrong, and all those who support and enable him must share in the blame.

Fortunately none of the mail bombs actually exploded, but the arrest of a hardcore Trump supporter in Florida will hopefully open some people’s eyes to the very real consequences of some of the President’s words and actions. If anything, the only surprise is that it took this long for something like this to occur.

To everyone who has been convinced that 1+1=3, what will it take to change your mind? Perhaps if some of the devices had exploded and killed their target or innocent bystanders, would that have been enough? Would two deaths have changed your mind? Five? Fifty?

Your vote this November is important, which is somewhat of an ironic statement for me to make since as an alien I do not have one. But these elections could be the first step to holding the President accountable, and to restate that 1+1 still equals 2 – even in the age of Trump.

Simon Nash, Mineral Wells

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