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Dear Editor,

I’ve never written to a newspaper before. I also have never lived in a small town before.

When God led us here to Mineral Wells I truly did not know what to expect, but I looked forward to a sense of community, a place where folks worked together to create a wonderful place to live, work and grow. I did not expect everyone to agree on everything – I know that some people like baseball and others like basketball (of course we can all agree to love football).

I realize that some folks prefer peaches and others don’t care for them at all (myself included). I understand that there will be issues, whether they be political, cultural or religious that we won’t all agree on. I’m not naive. But I was excited for the opportunity to live in a smaller community that was mindful of their neighbors.

I was surprised by the level of engagement on social media. I absolutely LOVE social media. It allows people who might not ever get a chance to meet an opportunity to create a connection. It allows us to be a part of our friends’ and families’ lives, even if we live far apart. It allows us a place to share and communicate on every topic imaginable.

With all of those wonderful aspects there are also pitfalls. In my personal opinion, social media does not allow for a “true conversation.” A real person to person conversation allows us to “hear” the tone of someone’s voice, it allows us to “look into” someone’s eyes as they speak to us, it allows us to “see” their body language as they are speaking. These are the aspects that I feel we miss out on with social media.

Being new to Mineral Wells, I can honestly say that EVERYONE we have met has been WONDERFUL! EVERYONE has been welcoming and encouraging. We truly feel blessed to be a part of the Mineral Wells community and we look forward to meeting more folks! Hence, the purpose of this letter.

We would like to invite the entire Mineral Wells community to stop by the #SantaHouse on Labor Day weekend and help us write Scripture on some of the floors and walls before we lay the tile and put up the sheetrock. This is something that we do in each of our homes so that we are always surrounded by the Word of God, and so that we can always stand on the Word of God.

Everyone is invited – no matter what they believe, like or prefer. This will also be an opportunity for us to meet folks face to face.

We will be at the Santa House, located at 1202 N. Oak Avenue, Labor Day weekend (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. So if you would like to come by and help us with some Scripture, or if you’d just like to come by and say “hello” we look forward to meeting y’all.


Denise Duncan, Mineral Wells

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