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Heads I win, heads I win

Dear Editor,

We’ve all seen scenes in movies and TV where a guy wants to beat out his buddy from getting something, so he takes out a coin and says, “Heads I win, tails, you lose.” The coin is flipped, it lands on “heads.” As the guy walks away chuckling to himself, we then see that the coin has “heads” on both sides!

I’m old enough now (76) to see how all the elections in the last 30 years are just like this fake coin with both sides of the coin having “heads.” Substitute the guy in the story above and in his place we have the arrogant, super-rich Bilderberger, New World Order kingpins. They all meet together at least once a year to divide-up the world between each other to see who gets what. This, of course, is all done in secrecy and guarded by military forces of the country in which the week-long meeting is held.

Folks, these are the ultimate “good ole boys.” It’s these people who choose the candidates and before they flip the coin, they hedge their bets by running another candidate of their choosing against their other choice. So, no matter what the outcome of the election is, their candidate still wins and their candidate takes his/her orders from them, not us.

We currently have this situation in the Republican primary race. Perry’s invitation to attend the last Bilderberger super-secret meeting, which he did, is confirmed by an article in a Dallas major paper.  Little wonder that Perry has worked so hard for Spanish interests to get the lucrative toll roads deal and NAFTA super corridor fiasco where the state was taking land away from farmers and ranchers.

But, Hutchison is no better. She has been on the steering committee of the Bilderbergers! She voted for the bailout to help her Bilderberger banker friends. Since the Bilderbergers always lavish their candidates with plenty of money most candidates who are truly of the people have to either bow out or you never hear about their candidacy.

But, for the first time in several years the average person, also, has a candidate this time – Debra Medina. In the last two debates, she made the highly experienced Perry and Hutchison look like amateurs. She exposed them as the “puppets” they are. Naturally, she hasn’t much money, but because of her debate wins she is polling 29 percent and gains with each poll. Their is a slim chance that this time we average people can get a governor who is truly for Texas and the average person. To those who say they don’t want to waste their vote because Perry might win or Hutchison might win, a vote for either of these will not change one thing. These two puppets will only truly represent the evil coin tossers.

Don Ginger

Mineral Wells

No flag to salute

Dear Editor,

My wife and I went to see the “Unbearable Opera” offered at the high school last Saturday (Feb. 13). It was fun, as expected, but there was one thing that frankly surprised and disturbed me. When the young lady began to sing the national anthem we rose, as did everyone, and placed our hands on our chests in a hand salute, as is customary. Then we looked, and looked, and looked for the flag to salute. We could not find one.

One of the cast members suggested later that perhaps in the rush to prepare for the show, placing the flag had been overlooked. That is not satisfactory to me. Our high school should have the American flag in the auditorium always. It shouldn’t be something that has to be remembered to be placed, it should be omnipresent in the auditorium, a constant feature.

Raf Seibert

Mineral Wells

District mishandled weather situation

Dear Editor,

Feb. 11-12 saw a record snowfall affect Mineral Wells residents, including parents and their children. It was a responsible position that my wife and I took to not bring our two daughters to the high school due to heavy snow and ice-covered roads. It was quite a surprise to receive an automated call on the 11th at 9 a.m. that was curt, and brief. The message made clear that school was going to be closed at 10 a.m. and that buses would be leaving after that, and parents could pick up their children.

What is disturbing about the whole matter is that the Mineral Wells ISD management did not take a responsible position to keep parents and students off the roads in the first place, and then apparently used the 10 a.m. mark to be able to receive their per-head dollar credit for the day.

Interestingly during the 11th, 12th, and 13th, many parents shared amongst themselves their own frustration and disappointment regarding all of our children’s worth being seemingly reduced to a money issue by MWISD management. All of the management may want to reflect on and be thankful for the fortunate circumstance that we all did not lose any area children in a snow- or ice-related accident.

Maybe next time money will be less important than parents/children’s welfare. 

Roger Poe

Mineral Wells

Men should remove their hats indoors

Dear Editor,

The recent article about Lee Downs was most interesting.

I also would like to comment on the item mentioned at the end of the article. The hat thing. When men and/or women are working and they wear their hats indoors at noon in a restaurant, that I can live with. However, when I go to a restaurant or a school function or any other public place in the evening and see men come in with their old grimy ball cap on, it’s a really big uck. Our ladies of Texas come to these events and places looking like ladies. Why can’t the men look like gentlemen?

A suggestion or two or three would be a little soap and water never hurt anyone; if a cap must be worn, make it a clean one; and the bill goes to the front.

And here is a great opportunity for someone to make a fortune. Restaurants, for the most part, no longer provide a place to hang your hat. Invent a new way to solve the problem and your fortune is made. A federal law would also help. Those guys seem to want to regulate everything anyway.

John M. Huffman

Mineral Wells

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