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Millsap ISD needs to spend more on education, less on athletics

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my opinion to the tax ratification election being held in Millsap ISD.

As we all know we already voted on this one year ago and it failed. Millsap ISD is asking the taxpayers to vote on this issue once again. The tax rate in Millsap ISD is at $1.535 right now and they are asking for another 13 cents. This is already far higher at $1.535 than any other school district in Parker County. Garner ISD’s tax rate is $1.04 and Weatherford ISD is $1.40. Millsap property owners are already taxed enough. The county average is $1.31.

Millsap property owners are already paying far more than anyone else in the county. It is time Millsap ISD has to accept that they must follow a reasonable budget. We spend far more money on athletics than we do on shop classes or ag classes that the students will benefit from after leaving Millsap ISD.

I believe we should have athletics as well as classes preparing are children for the future. We have spent excessively on athletics and now is the time to look to the future before we vote. The budget for our school needs to meet the needs of our children’s future, not the needs of our athletic department.

I do not feel Millsap ISD’s shop, ag and computer classes will benefit from the tax election although I do feel the athletics department will. We need to be investing in our children’s education to help them make a living after graduation.

Jay Tuck, Millsap

Vote yes in Millsap ISD’s TRE election

Dear Editor,

Millsap IDS needs your help. It’s no secret school funding is inadequate, not fair and Millsap ISD receives less dollars per student than most districts in Parker and Palo Pinto counties.

Our state legislators have failed to properly fund public schools and many districts across the state will have to hold a TRE to help their schools. Millsap ISD is no exception; they already reduced teachers and staff, severely cut budgets across all campuses and have scraped to make every dollar stretch further. The 13 pennies M1SD is asking for will increase taxes $130 per $100,000 taxable value. Senior citizens are exempt.

This increase is pennies per day for most. Your children, grandchildren, neighbor’s children and the children

of our community need your help now. This is our future; someday you may need their help! Invest in the future; it is possibly the best money you will ever spend.

A yes vote will help so many and a no vote will hurt all. Let your conscience be your guide! Research the facts and to get answer to questions, helpful information can be found at and

Alan Richardson, Millsap

Graham couple thanks local Good Samaritans

Dear Editor,

On Aug. 27, Mineral Wells played Graham at Graham in a high school football game. Before the game, my husband and I went to Dairy Queen for a burger. While we were there my husband had a grand mal seizure. We are used to them as he has had a total of 18 in the past year.

A couple was sitting close by and asked if they could do anything. She got me a wet cloth so I could keep my husband cooled down. When the seizure was over they also helped me get him into a seat.

This wonderful couple was from Mineral Wells. I failed to get their name and feel like I need to thank them more. We talked about football and wished each other the best. She had a red shirt on that had “Cheer” on it and I am sure they know who they are. Please help me thank them more.

Towards the end of the game I noticed a couple of the band members from Mineral Wells come over and join our band in dancing to a song. It was such a wonderful feeling. I hope other teams can learn from this as this is they way a high school game should be. The fellowship and warmth felt in that stadium last night was wonderful.

May all the games in the future for both teams be the same way.

Take care my friend.

Patina Herrington, Graham, Texas

Questions about CCA’s plans

Dear Editor,

According to a public hearing notice posted in the Mineral Wells Index it sounds like Corrections Corporation of America is planning on expanding its operations.

As I understand it the facility has already gone way above the number of people that were anticipated in the very beginning of its operation. What are the ramifications for the City of Mineral Wells? What is the unemployment rate in our city? There are lots of questions to be addressed. Would someone please step up to the plate and give the citizens of Mineral Wells some honest answers? Thanks for your consideration.


Louise Blackerby, Mineral Wells

City needs a turnaround

Dear Editor,

I recently read Linda Jensen’s letter to the editor.  I totally agree with everything she said. I would like to add to her comments.

Last year we hired a local business for a home job. We were told there would be a fee for mileage (even though we live in the city approximately one-half mile from said business). We agreed, assuming the charge would be small. Wrong assumption! We were charged $75 for mileage. Other businesses only charge if mileage is over 20 miles.

Old and empty buildings could be sold. Downing Heliport, west of the city, could be in use; however, the owners want an excessive amount of money for it. Even a lesser amount is better than nothing. As it is, the heliport generates no income.

The old Hexigon house was destroyed, which was unique, and could have been a tourist attraction. There was also the convention center, conveniently located in the city, which was used for programs, graduations and basketball.

The railroad line was kept in service for an additional two years at a tremendous expense to the city, supposedly to keep two businesses aloft. Once shut down, however, the businesses still survived.

Mineral Wells began to regress around 1955. At one time there was a city park with a large swimming pool and a small zoo. There were five movie theaters in town, two drive-in theaters and a skating rink.

There was a staircase behind the Baker Hotel on Welcome Mountain. Once at the top, one could see all of south Mineral Wells.

The street situation is really sad. We have lived at our present location on 11th Street over 40 years, and never once in all that time has our street ever been repaved.

Thank you for your attention.

Joe Gomez, Mineral Wells

Thanks served for teacher’s breakfast

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the teaching staff at Houston Elementary and all other employees of the Mineral Wells Independent School District, I would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of the wonderful exhibitors at this year’s annual back to school breakfast.

It should come as no surprise to any attendees of years past that the Mineral Wells Merchant’s Association continues to outdo themselves. I personally found that this year’s combination of food, door prizes and giveaways – not to mention wonderful speeches – truly served as just the catalyst needed to reinvigorate teachers at perhaps the most crucial time of the school year.

Once again thank you and I truly look forward to next year’s event.


Adam Hull, Mineral Wells

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