Three or four years ago, on 9-11 weekend, Doris and Kevin, owners/operators of Mitchell RV Park, (near Perrin) closed their gates to the public and put on a three-day spectacular for about 200 veterans and their wives.

I write on the subject of recent criticism of the Mineral Wells Police Chief, Dean Sullivan, and the wider issue of some individuals questioning the slated raises for public safety professionals, including police officers, in the upcoming 2018-19 city budget.

America lost a patriot when Senator John McCain passed away. His service to his/our country is beyond reproach. A sense of loss is felt by the people regardless of party affiliation or background. We wonder if we will see anyone like him again.

As a former councilman and mayor pro tem of the city of Mineral Wells, I am very disturbed by certain behaviors of Mayor Christopher Perricone. I will focus on one in this letter, as I view it as one of the most destructive.

In town hall meetings and write ups in the Index, there was much discussion concerning areas that, to me, were not the business of the city government. I became curious as to exactly what are the duties of the City of Mineral Wells, the mayor, the city council and the city staff.

After reading the April 18th Index article covering the Ward 3 Candidate Forum I felt I had to comment. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not live within the city limits, do not pay city taxes, and cannot vote in this race. However, since Mineral Wells is the largest municipality and the economic engine of the county, I have a vested interest in the future of the city.

My family has worked hard building a business around the waters of Mineral Wells for nearly 20 years. I believe our business reflects positively on the community. I also believe that a positive perception of our community is good for all businesses – both those that depend on tourism and those that do not.

As someone who has lived her entire adult life in this area, I am troubled by a pattern I have seen in our recent city election. It seems like several candidates are running who have decided they would like to LEAD our city before they have SERVED our city.

The election ballots have been counted. Mr. Long and Mr. Simonton will continue to a run off for the Republican nomination for Palo Pinto County Judge on May 22.


A month ago today, my husband had a bad accident. This is not really what this letter is about, it’s about the kinds of people who did not know me or us and their kindness to us “In the Holidays.”


It is very difficult to explain how disappointed and concerned we are with the city council’s decision to no longer provide EMS to the portions of Palo Pinto County outside their area of assigned responsibility.

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