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San Angelo Lakeview proved to be the better team Tuesday against the Lady Rams, but Coach Rolando Borjon feels Mineral Wells was still the bes…

Time has been bought, answers have been delayed and responses have been hedged as “squirmers” have opted for the “Texas two-step” instead of crystal clear comebacks to probing inquiries.

Journalists are messengers. Sometimes messengers must share news, information or even editorials that newsmakers, lawmakers and others do not like.

The book of Acts sets the stage for a fascinating drama about the origins of the Christian community following the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. It is a theological treasure chest which often goes overlooked and understudied.

So awash are we in acronyms these days, we may start tossing them asunder at any time. Such drastic action carries with it results akin to “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”