2020 Soccer Seniors

Mineral Wells is losing eight players to graduation in 2020.


From Coach Rolando Borjon: These seniors have brought so much joy to me and my family. They are forever a Borjon and will always have a place in our hearts.

Julian Avila #11: You have been a great student-athlete for the last four years. You have matured through the years.  Your leadership on and off the field has been passed on to your teammates. I appreciate all the heart and passion you gave to the MWHS program. We love you JuJu.

Jose Martinez #9: You have been a great asset to the team the last four years. You have been able to step into any role we have put you. You have been a great mentor to your young teammates. Thank you, and we love you.   

Kishan Patel #22: Your hard work and soccer IQ for the game has been outstanding, and it is a reflection of your academics in the classroom. Also, being able to juggle schoolwork, athletics, and UIL academics shows such a strong will to achieve the goals you have for yourself. We love you and wish you the best in your future. 

Kieren Davis #8: The flying hulk is your style of play on the field. Your work ethic and determination of being the best has shown in the last two years. You went from walking onto a filed and not knowing what soccer was and turning it into a sport where others feared even to challenge you.  We wish you the best, and love you. 

Israel Carrasco #18: We are glad you came out to soccer this year. Your speed and personality were extraordinary to have this year. Thanks for all your hard work. Take care, and we love you. 

Hector Rubio Fernandez #16: I hope your high school soccer experience was great. We enjoyed having you and you encouraging us to eat healthily, and that is a work in progress. We will miss you, and we wish you the best back home. Love you and have safe travels and send me a pic when you get a hair cut LOL. 

Jessie Ishmael #15: The past four years, you have grown to become the definition of a true lady ram. You have been patience, coach-able, understanding, loving, caring, hardworking, and mostly a heart of gold. All those attributes will carry you into your future and will allow you to reach your dreams. We love you and wish you nothing but the best. 

Laura Campos #3: You coming into the soccer program has brought laughs and so many fun times to remember. Your personality is one that shines to your teammates and picks them up when they are down.  Thank you for all the hard work, we love you and wish you nothing but the best. 

From Asst. Coach Williams: I have been coaching these kids since junior high, and it is tough to see them have to end their senior year like this. I appreciate all their hard work and dedication and wish them nothing but the best in the future. 

From Asst. Coach Sheridan Willard: I want to say they will be missed very much. I appreciate all their work ethic and how they kept everyone accountable. Also, how sorry I am that their season was cut short but know that what they did during their time here will never be forgotten. 

More from Coach Rolando BorjonThe love they show for this sport is something that I will always remember.  We go through wins and losses and never do they quit or throw in the towel. They may get mad and sometimes upset but they find the way to fight through it all and that shows so much about their character.

This season was cut short for them and that breaks my heart for them but always know you are a piece of the MWHS soccer program success and your time here has showed underclassmen what they need to do to reach greatness. We love you all and wish you nothing but the best.  

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