While Coach Dewaine Lee is undoubtedly happy with Strawn winning the Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine helmet-challenge, he’s more concerned with the fate of his community amid the current COVID-19 crisis in America.

“We are excited about the win, and the kids got together and did some voting and encouraged others to vote, too,” Lee said. “I guess a lot of people must have been bored and voted us in as the champs. All joking aside, I’d like to thank all of them for their support.”

With more than 250,000 votes cast in the contest, there were more people than just the Greyhound nation casting their ballots for the “Superman” style red “S” on the Greyhounds all-black helmet.

The logo may remind some of the Superman logo, but the Greyhounds’ logo is different in a couple of ways and might not be the current Strawn logo except for an oversight Lee made 17 years ago when he took his job.

“When I was first hired, I didn’t start working for Strawn right away, and I met with players and gave them a packet in the spring with what I thought was their logo on the outside,” Lee said. “The players asked me if we were going back to the ‘S’?”

Lee had seen Strawn’s logo years before and didn’t know the school has switched to a running greyhound.

“The first time I saw Strawn’s logo was at an all-star game and saw this player run by, and I thought it was pretty cool,” Lee said. “So I asked seniors if they wanted to switch back, and they did.”

Considering how Lee’s success at Strawn was quick in coming and has continued since that time with the winning of four state titles, the logo has become something everybody in Strawn wants to wear on hats, shirts and more.

Strawn's Dewaine Lee

Coach Dewaine Lee is more concerned with his community than winning a logo contest.

“I think it is awesome so many people like our helmet, and we are grateful for the support,” Lee said. “But right now we are more worried about our community and if people are going to be able to keep their jobs and feed their families. We have been lucky and in kind of a bubble here with the COVID and no infections, but people are moving back home because they have lost their jobs out in the oil field with the downturn in our economy.”

Lee and his staff have been adapting to the times, and as with many smaller schools, the switch to high-level technology and being a “video teacher and coach” is taking some adjustments.

“We’ve been sending out messages and checking in on our kids,” Lee said. “Right now, I’m not that worried about workouts as I am about keeping people safe and making sure people are eating.”

Lee and his staff are helping out three days a week in the lunchroom as students come to pick up school materials and lunches.

“We’ve also been working on remodeling the coaching offices and getting stuff like that in shape for the future,” Lee said.

Lee also said he plans to use the current world situation in the future when he talks to his seniors.

“There is always ‘senioritis’ at this time of the year as people are ready to get out of school, but I can promise you that those kids are missing school right now,” Lee said. “They are worried about not having a prom and graduation. I’m going to tell seniors in the future to remember it can all be taken away, and there is no rhyme or reason as to why.”

Dewaine Lee

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