Senior Braden Fryer appears to have the early lead to becoming the starting quarterback for Mineral Wells, and he is expected to get the majority of the first-team snaps when the Rams travel to Midlothian-Heritage for scrimmage action Saturday.

“We’ve got four quarterbacks on our roster,” coach Gerald Perry said. “I would like to see all of them get snaps, but we also have to consider our other skills positions that those players are also filling.”

Perry and his staff are going through more than just your standard puzzle in fitting together this year’s team. Youth is playing the biggest factor and the Rams are plucking unripe fruit in hoping it will be sweet when it ripens. 

“It’s not an excuse, we are simply young everywhere you look,” Perry said.

Perry likes to coach a football team in a manner that allows players to mentally absorb their accomplishments and mistakes. With his young team he has preached over and over about little mistakes and how they cannot be allowed to slide.

Defensive coordinator Seth Hobbs echoes that mentality and heading into Saturday’s matchup against the Jaguars he believes his players will be making some errors.

“Matching their speed is something I would really like to see,” Hobbs said. “Tempo and speed is something we can’t simulate in practice like a live opponent can. The mistakes will be too many to count, so speed and reactions are keys we will be looking for.”

Matching up against the No. 5 team in Class 4A might also leave the Rams a little wide-eyed and Hobbs is hoping after the jitters slide out of the way his defense will get the job done.

“We need to tackle well, play the deep well and play fast out there,” Hobbs said.

There are several players trying to get in the mix on defense with lineman Jordon Dixon and Devon Salazar hoping to join the starting rotation. Anthony Flores is a lock at defensive tackle and sophomore Dorian White has made a very strong showing at nose tackle.

“We’re young and that means moving things along at a slower pace than we might like early,” Perry said. “We are going to have a simple and basic package on offense. We know our capabilities on offense and now we are seeing who can rise to the occasion and become a starter for us.”

Players like Charles Carter and Christian Robinson have speed to burn and now it’s a question of whether it will be stretching the field on offense or covering like a blanket on defense.

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