It’s all about the details for Greg Freeman, and that’s how he plans on coaching the Mineral Wells High School receivers this season.

Freeman was hired a couple of weeks ago when Mineral Wells was suddenly scrambling for coaches just before the start of the school year. When offensive coordinator Landry Guthrie heard a position was going to be available he let Freeman know he should interview for the job.

The pairs’ friendship goes back to their playing days at McMurry College.

“Landry was the first quarterback to introduce himself and make me feel welcome in Abilene,” Freeman said. “Then he invited me over to stay at his house for a while, and we just became best buds.”

The two then coached together at Dimmit and they became well acquainted with passing-oriented offensive attacks.

Originally from Midland, Freeman played high school football in Arizona and also spent a year at Northern Arizona University and Scottsdale Community College before hitting McMurry.

Freeman is a detailed-oriented coach (business Admin major), and he is precise in demonstrating the moves, cuts and routes he wants his receivers to run.

“Running good clean routes,” Freeman said. “We are young, and we have to pay attention to detail. Right now that’s what we are working on is getting better at running our routes.”

Where did Freeman learn about the need for such attention to detail?

That comes from a line long of receiver coaches I have had," Freeman said. "They taught me every thing I know today. Matt Miller was one of them, Bobby Blizzard was another one and Lorenzo Diamond. They all instilled a technique in me."

Hopefully, the Rams’ receivers listen carefully to Freeman who once had three touchdowns and 150 yards receiving in just a single half of play during his junior year of college.

“We are getting better every day,” Freeman said. “Our routes our getting better and we are working on our blocking so that we can put together the total package.”

Freeman is working hard at pushing his players and after practice Tuesday he spoke with his varsity crew in the locker room about the effort he saw on the field.

“We are getting better, but we aren’t even close to being there yet,” Freeman said. “When we get done I want us to be the best set of wide receivers in the nation, the state, or whatever you want to call it – the best!”

In addition to coaching wide receivers, Freeman is also going to coach basketball and will he will teach geometry.

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