Life has been random in 2020 for area students, and the Index’s Lemonade out of Lemons series focuses on senior area athletes with a unique twist. After a short introduction, readers are treated to answers from 10 questions that the senior picked blindly from a list of 167 by submitting random numbers of their choice.

Amanda Blue is the daughter of Billie and David Blue and participated in FFA, student council, and softball at Mineral Wells High School. Amanda loves small animals and has a particular fondness for dogs and plans to attend Weatherford College next year. 

Upon graduation, she hopes to become a veterinary assistant working with pets and would like to work for Pet Western Animal Hospital in Mineral Wells.

Amanda’s message to her senior classmates is that she is thankful to go to school with them in Mineral Wells.

“I have been here my whole life with so many amazing people. I’m so thankful for all the memories I have made,” Blue said.

Amanda’s biggest regret for her senior year is not being able to attend her prom due to its cancelation.

Now for the Lemonade  

You can bring any three of your classmates on a cross-country road trip in your family’s vehicle: who would you choose and why?

“I would choose my friend group, which is Abby Singleton, Shaina Willingham, Kloie Sherrod, because we have been friends for a long time. We have always talked about trying to take a vacation together.”

What’s your favorite school snack?

“Taki hot chips.”

Which school tradition are you most proud of at Mineral Wells?

“I love our coronation ceremony at homecoming, not the queen but the entire ceremony itself. Everyone gets a chance to dress in ball gowns and heels. I went to all of them!”

Amanda Blue senior 2020 Mineral Wells High School

Amanda Blue plans to attend Weatherford College and has the goal of working inMineral Wells as a veterinary assistant.

Which one memory will you remember forever about your time here?

“Eating lunch with all my friends in Ms. Blakley’s room. We talk about things, and sometimes we do school work. Most of the time, we made Tik-Tok videos. We just had a good time. It gave us a little break from school.”

What would you recommend to a younger student to avoid participating in gossip? 

“If you hear something about someone, do not go and repeat it. That’s the main thing.

I could not live without…

“I could not live without my phone! I am always on my phone.”

What’s your most embarrassing in-school memory? What happened, and did you learn anything from it?

“One time during lunch, I went down and got food from my mom. I was walking back up the stairs to go to Ms. Blakley’s, and I tripped going up the stairs. I didn’t drop any food, but it did hurt. I learned to pick my feet up!

If anyone in your class would be on ESPN, who would it be?

Kieren Davis because he’s so good at at track and field. 

How can teachers make social media part of their courses and make it more enjoyable?

“They could post assignments online on Instagram.”

Tell us three things you’re good at?

I’m good at softball and drawing and making new friends.

What are your thoughts on our Lemonade out of Lemons interview?

“I think it is fun! You are kind of put on the spot, so you are getting an honest answer. I think it is COOL!”

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