Life has been random in 2020 for area students, and the Index’s Lemonade out of Lemons series focuses on senior area athletes with a unique twist. After a short introduction, readers are treated to answers from 10 questions that the senior picked blindly from a list of 167 by submitting random numbers of their choice.

Claire Rasmussen is the daughter of Dan and Janna Rasmussen and plans to attend Texas A&M at Corpus Christi with the goal of becoming a high school art teacher.

Claire works at The Market at 76067 and loves her job that surrounds her with many local vendors and artists looking to sell their wares.

Does Claire have any regrets about her senior year?

“I try to live life without regrets, but honestly, I am a little bummed about not getting to go to prom, and I missed the last day with my teachers. We had the last day before spring break, but we didn’t know it was going to be the last day together,” Rasmussen said.

For Claire, nothing can replace the memory of Mineral Wells’ historic run in the football playoffs.

“I liked when we went deep in the playoffs in football a few years ago. We drove two hours away to the game, and school got out early. The game was kind of miserable because it was sleeting, but it was really fun because we were all huddled together watching the team. We ended up losing, but it was something you can smile about later because of all the community support that was there.”

With school ending with a thud due to the COVID-19 virus restrictions, Claire has a message for fellow seniors.

“I miss everyone, and I am really sad because we all kind of got the short end of the stick. It kind of sucks right now, but in the end, we are going to pull through because our class is strong. I hope things get better in the summer, and perhaps we can all eventually meet up.

Lemonade out of Lemons

If you and your friends could do any activity after school today, what would it be?

“We would probably go to Fort Worth and  stop for a snack at In-and-Out or something LOL. Then we would head to the mall and shop around. It might seem a little cliché, but it is FUN!

Claire Rasmussen

Claire Rasmussen senior 2020 Mineral Wells High School


Would you ever consider coaching?

“Maybe, I think I would be the mean coach that would always yell at them to ‘get on the line’ because they were annoying me for messing up.”

Which piece of technology has most contributed to your academic success?

My phone! This happened a lot in my class, where we were certain of an answer and then flip out a phone and Google it and find out we were wrong. Of course, when you are researching, you want to use credible sites and use more than one source.”

Who were your three favorite teachers throughout all of high school?

“I enjoyed Miss Lisa Ferguson’s class.  I had her for college government and sociology and Mark Beaty’s class and John McCrady’s physics class.”

Who do you think is the most influential person/s (not an elected official) in the United States? Why

 “It’s kind of hard to tell because it seems to go back and forth. I think this is kind of dumb, but I would probably have to say it is the Kardashian family. I don’t like them, but I feel like the media covers everything they do extensively all over the Internet.”

Describe the scariest encounter you ever had.

“This sounds kind of sad, but my heart was racing! I was sleeping and my dad was taking the dogs (Chihuahuas) out for a walk and one of them got attacked by a bigger dog and was severely injured. I had to stay home while they took her to the Vet and I was scared she was going to die and I didn’t know what was going on. Sadly she didn’t make it, and that was pretty heartbreaking.”

Who has given you the best advice? What did they say?

“My mother! She said, ‘Mean girls don’t go away in high school. They just get older.”

 If your school life were a song, what would it be?

 “Oh man, let me look at my playlist and see if I can find something that fits. Ok, I would pick ‘Move Along’ by the All-American Rejects.”

You’ve been transported back four years in time. What do you tell your younger self?

“That time flies by and make sure you pay attention when you are hanging out with your friends.”

If today was your last day on Earth, what would you do?

“Oh wow! I would break all of the six-foot distancing rules. I would call up all of my friends, family, and hang out with them. Until the last moment, we would have list one hurrah.”

What are your thoughts on taking the Lemonade out of Lemons interview?

“I think it is really interesting. It is different. I feel like there is a standard interview where you go over the basics, but it’s the same generic questions. This interview was a little more personal and let people know other things about me.”

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