Life has been random in 2020 for area students, and the Index’s Lemonade out of Lemons series focuses on senior area athletes with a unique twist. After a short introduction, readers are treated to answers from 10 questions that the senior picked blindly from a list of 167 by submitting random numbers of their choice.

Rian Schultz is the daughter of Casey and Rachel Schultz and plans to attend Texas A&M at Corpus Christi to pursue a degree in biology.

Rian’s activities have including being an athletic trainer, national honor society, FFA and student council.

Like many of her fellow seniors, Rian's biggest regret is not being able to attend her prom.

"I was invited for three years and always put it off because I figured I would go my senior year," Schultz said.

A smile shows up on Rian's face when she thinks about her happiest memory, which happened in her sophomore year when the Lady Rams basketball team hosted Kennedale.

"We didn't win, but I will never forget the feeling of the crowd and seeing everyone piling in there early for our game," Schultz said.

Rain's message for her fellow senior is:

"Focus on your goals and yourself, but don't be hard on yourself. We are in pandemic and we are facing unique times. Our experience as senior is unlike any other," Schultz said.

What's your most embarrassing in-school memory? What happened and did you learn anything from it?

"We used to have athletics in the morning my freshman year and I would have a very small amount of time to get ready for class. As soon as we were done, I had to run and throw on some clothes and get to math class. One day the shorts I was wearing were backward when I put them on in the morning. I was painting the night before, and I didn't think about the shorts I was grabbing for school. They has a big paint stain on the back of my pants! I learned that I needed to pack my clothes the night before, so I don't have to worry about it in the morning, LOL."

If you could plan a school field trip anywhere for next year, where would your school to go?

"I would send them to Jamaica mostly because I am planning on going there. I'm planning on going this year or hopefully next year, and I would like to see some of my old underclassmen."

How do you like to read? (physical books, Kindle, etc.)

"I prefer an actual book. Something is satisfying about finishing a book, and it seems more personal as you close it up when you are done."

What life-lesson(s) did you learn playing basketball?

"I learned that there is a time when you do have to take a break from something that you are very passionate about. It can either make or break you depending on the type of person you are, and with me, my knee injury made me understand that it was okay to take a break. Later it was about understanding you need to get back on it and learn to push yourself, working out alone, and not giving up."

If your club was given an unlimited budget to throw an event for the school, what would you plan?

"I would plan a concert with a lot of famous artists that I listen to. This would be more for me LOL! I would, of course, invite my friends who are not in the club, and they can sit in the VIP section."

Rian Schultz senior 2020 Mineral Wells High school

Rian Schultz has her eyes on a degree in biology.

Describe senioritis in 2020?

"It's that feeling you don't want to get up in the morning, or you don't want to go to school at all. It's showing up after the bell, and sometimes you don't care (not really), but it is a feeling of not being motivated. You have to be hard on yourself so you can get your online school work done.

When you look back on this school in later years, what will you remember most?

"I am always going to remember our run in girls soccer run the playoffs that was basically school history for us. The feeling I had when Trent Guinn got on the morning announcements and said he had written up a petition for us to sign that allowed us to get out of school for the girls' regional game."

Do you have any scars that are symbolic to you? If so, what and where?

"I have a scar on my left knee from surgery.  I've never been in so much pain. It reminds me that you can have it all one minute and the next it can be taken away from you."

What's usually the first thought in your head when you wake up in the morning?

"Man, I am hungry!"

I couldn't have survived year 12 without?

"Headphones! Definitely headphones, there were some days that music got me through the day!"

Did you like being part of Lemonade out of Lemons’ interview?

"It was fun and different from your standard interview that I have had before like 'what has impacted me Etc.'" The questions were a lot more interesting than others one I have done."

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