The Bulldogs youth football camp being held in Millsap this week has it’s own unique flavor as athletes were welcomed Monday morning, had their pictures taken, got their first “team” meeting in the varsity locker room and sprinted to their field for coaching.

For Coach Jake Johnson and his staff, a week before the start of football season is the perfect time to hold a football camp.

“I know that a lot of other coaches like to hold their camps right at the beginning of the summer,” Johnson said. “Around here we like to do it right before the football season for a couple of reasons.”

The main reason being is it gets his younger athletes fired up for the upcoming year while also allowing his coaches to get into the flow of things as they shake off summer cobwebs.

“This is something we all look forward to every year,” Johnson said. “It’s hard not to get excited with these younger kids coming in and wanting to learn the game.”

Johnson is entering his fifth year at Millsap and has been working with low numbers, and it was only last year the program cracked 50 players. 

There were more than 50 players out for football camp, and Johnson has put a twist on this event that gives youngsters  “big-time” feel for the game. 

As campers go through their drills, there is the clicking of a 35mm digital SLR camera in the background, and a video camera is also being operated a few yards away. Overhead a small drone buzzes past like an angry over-sized mesquito videoing the drills and station rotations.

“We want camp to be unique for these guys, and my staff has worked hard and made it educational and fun at the same time,” Johnson said.

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