Summer conditioning

Freshman Marlee Lawhon is one of a reported 264 athletes taking part in summer conditioning at Mineral Wells High School this summer.

Summer conditioning is well underway for athletes in the Mineral Well ISD with three days of intense physical drills a week for both boys and girls at Rams Stadium.

“I’ve been pleased with the numbers we are seeing this year,” Coach Seth Hobbs said. “We have had a total of 264 kids show up.”

That’s a number on an upward trend and has left Hobbs smiling when he thinks about it.

“I think it is positive peer pressure especially among the girls where we have 91 out this year so far,” Hobbs said.

Hobbs serves as the ISD’s strength and conditioning coach in addition to his duties as defensive coordinator for the Rams’ football team. He, of course, is happy with the numbers he sees out on the practice field.

“I’ve been here six years, and I think these are the best numbers that we have seen,” Hobbs said. “The girls have turned out well this year, and we’ve got a bunch of young ladies out here working hard.”

Often hard work and summertime aren’t the right combination to get teenagers off the couch and away from video games. That’s where the positive peer pressure among the athletes has started to come through as being the fastest at a drill or lifting the heaviest-weight combination has become important in young minds.

“We try and change things up for them every week, so we are doing different things,” Hobbs said.

A hill next to the high school might serve as an excellent place for a running drill but so do the bleachers of Rams Stadium.

For now, the athletes are working on a three-day work week, and as school time gets closer, the workouts will move to four days a week until the start of preseason.

“They’ve all been out here with positive attitudes, and the players are challenging each other to do better,” Hobbs said. “Our coaching staff has been out here, giving it their all, and they are motivating the kids to improve every day.”

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