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Springtown senior linebacker Trey Appel (17) and the Porcupines defense have yielded more than seven points only twice this season. 

SPRINGTOWN – The Springtown Porcupines cruised to a 5-0 record through the first half of the 2019 season, outscoring the team’s non-district opponents by a combined mark of 232-54.

In that time, Springtown’s offense racked up 40-plus points in four total contests, while being held to no less than 23 points in any game.

Conversely, the Porcupines’ defense has suffocated opposing teams,  yielding more than seven points only twice this year (16 and 17 points in weeks three and four, respectively).

At the same time, Springtown Head Coach Brian Hulett stressed his team has not gotten comfortable and is still working hard to improve.

“The number one focus was us getting better,” Hulett said.

“We didn’t prepare for anybody else but us. You get into a season and you don’t  have time to do that very often. 

“The number one goal along with that was working to recapture the intensity and mental focus that we had before the bye week.” 

The winless Mineral Wells Rams (0-4) stand as the Porcupines’ first challenge (and first District 4-4A, D-I opponent) coming out of the break.

However, Springtown has prepared in the same manner for Friday’s game as any other this season, Hulett said, adding that Mineral Wells presents its own set of challenges.

“They do a lot of things defensively,” Hulett said.

“They line up well, they’re a 3-4 team but they’re not gonna just sit in their base, they’re gonna give you something slightly different every year. They do a good job of that. They don’t get beat pre-snap. 

“Offensively, they’re doing good stuff. They’ve had to play some young kids, so that hurts their consistency at times, but  we’ve played Mineral Wells for a number of years, and as always, they’ve got good athletes.”

That being said, the Rams have found themselves on the wrong end of the scoreboard in each of their four contests this season, losing by double digits in three while owning a collective point differential of 55-174.

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