Baseball season is just around the corner, and Coach Brett Ray is remaining true to form when it comes to playing things close to the vest when it comes to his Rams baseball team.

Ray loves to scout because he uses the information he gleans to figure out a team’s tendencies. Ray’s good at scouting, which also means he’s even better at not giving up information about his team too early.

“I’m big on attitude and effort when it comes to playing baseball,” Ray said. “I’m big on the things you can control, and if you can do those two things, there’s a place for you in my program.”

With as many as 17 players still on the basketball court, it’s going to be an interesting start Feb. 8 when the Rams open this season by hosting Lake Worth at 1 p.m.

“We are going to be building a team up the middle,” Ray said. “We don’t have a returning varsity catcher, and that’s an area to work on.”

The Rams have had a good offseason and, more importantly, developing that much needed player-coach relationship.

“We are going to be energetic,” Ray said. “We will play fast and hard win or lose. We are not going to we walk off the field saying we were unprepared, or we didn’t give it our all.”

Hired just before the start of the school year, Ray has used his time implementing his program.

“We’ve been figuring each other out as we go along,” Ray said. “I keep telling them it’s about what they can control, and if we have that good attitude and effort, the game will take care of itself.”

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