The Rams basketball team will tip off its first action of the season with a scrimmage Saturday morning at Mineral Wells High School at 10 a.m.

Coach Seth Riddle will be leading the Rams against Bridgeport, and the first-year coach has been keeping his potential starters a little bit of a secret as he figures out how to adjust to coaching at a “football school.”

Saturday will be the first day Riddle sees his entire team on the court, and that means several of his players will be behind on plays and defensive schemes after having played football up until Friday night.

A soft-speaking coach, Riddle has already implemented discipline by sending a potential starter packing when the player couldn’t adhere to the new system and rules in place. Some fans might see this a move to “get players’ attentions,” but the player let go just may have been the best player on the team.

The move also left little doubt as to who is driving the Rams’ basketball program.

Riddle lives up to his last name when trying to pry starters’ information out of him with the latest inquiry being met with the answer, “it’s still all up in the air at the moment.” 

It’s a truthful answer from a first-year coach who hasn’t had the luxury of seeing his team play before and a coach who is making that transition from only having coached at schools where there was no football.

Teaching a new system and not having all of your players present is a fact of life for schools with football programs, and Saturday’s scrimmage is going to be huge in determining who Riddle will settle on to be his starters.

There’s not much time to make those decisions with Rams traveling to Poolville for scrimmage action Tuesday and the regular season getting underway Nov. 19 at home.

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