The Runnin’ Ram Basketball team honored four students from Mineral Wells Travis Elementary School that have displayed random acts of kindness. 

Students honored get become part of Rambo’s Courtside Crew, met the Rams basketball team, and receive other items, including a free basketball, a concession stand coupon and a certificate.

Courtside Crew 2

Travis Elementary students Shawnathan Hellams, Ariana Carter, Asiah Moten and Landon Woolf were recognized for their random acts of kindness, and inducted into Rambo's Courtside Crew.

The students from Travis Elementary include:

Asiah Moten, 4th grade-nominated by Mrs. Walvoord 

Asian has been amazing the last couple of weeks helping another student who struggles academically. When she is doing her work, she will complete the first question and then look at the student and ask/explain the question to the student. She asks him what he thinks the answer is and then will write that answer for him. Then does it again with question two and so on.

Ariana Carter 5th grade-nominated by Mrs. Tomlin

Today we had a cut-out and glue assignment, and Ariana had finished early. Ariana cleaned her station and then went around the classroom and helped the other students clean up their stations so that they could work more efficiently.

Landon Woolf 4th grade-nominated by Mrs. Vikki Jones

Landon Woolf came in this morning, took down the stacked chairs, and placed them at every students' desk. He was not asked to do this, but just took the initiative to do something kind for his classmates.

Shawnathan Hellams 6th grade:  nominated by Ms. McQuade

EVERY day, Shawnathan hangs back behind the rest of my 6th-grade class - making sure every pencil/eraser is picked up off the floor and put away, making sure ALL of my calculators are returned, and making sure any stray papers (on the floor, left in desks, etc.) are handed to me. He has never been told, specifically to do this but just simply knows the expectations in my room. While the rest of my class is rushing to be 1st in line, he methodically looks around my room and does a mental check of my expectations as to how the room should be left. He does this quietly and without seeking any sort of praise/reward. He has an appreciation of what being a good citizen/student entails and he takes pride in knowing that he is just doing the right thing. It's a great quality! I'm proud of him and honored to have him in my class. Sometimes, others see what he is doing and follow his lead. He is definitely making a difference (with me and with his peers) ... one pencil at a time.

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