If you are a Dallas Cowboys’ fan, you are probably out there looking for someone to repair your VHS player so you can watch tapes of the glory days. I’ve got those old tapes too, but it’s been so long since the Pokes made a Super Bowl. I’m pretty sure they are now worm-eaten.

All joking aside, times are slow, and I’m looking for story ideas from our readers. I’ve got Millsap Coach Jake Johnson setting me up with some powerlifting results, and I’ve set my sights on letting our readers know more about the Bulldog’s Panhandle State signee Lane Brian.

Just like others around the area, Santo Coach Devonn Mann and his staff are adjusting to new technology and developing new ideas daily to motivate their athletes.

So it should be fun to drop in on them (social distancing in place) and our other area coaches to see what ideas have worked and what has not.

After that, things have started to get slim, and I am asking our readers to submit ideas on someone or something they feel deserves to recognized.

Maybe you know an athlete who has suffered an injury and worked hard to come back from it? Perhaps you know about a coach who goes the extra mile for their athletes?

In other words, there are no terrible story ideas unless you don’t mention them. Being a little newer to Mineral Wells sports than most of you, I don’t know if there is a coach out there who has served in a position for a long time.

Now I do know about the long-term tenure of track and field Coach Jackie Harvey. After all, it’s not hard to miss a guy who has the high school facility named after him, and while he’s still out there defining and refining his athletes.

How about after reading my plea here you ease back into your chair and put your feet up for a spell? Think about an athlete or a coach that you know, and maybe a story you’ve heard about the rest of us might find interesting.

For me, Coach Matt Williams’ story has just come to mind.

Here’s a tidbit in case you haven’t heard this tale. Perhaps if I mess it this up enough, Williams will talk with me about what happened back in the day.

Williams was a walk-on player at Tarleton State after starring at Weatherford High School in football and soccer.

His signature moment in high school?

Grit your teeth Rams fans because it was Williams’ 49-yard field goal in overtime that beat Mineral Wells in 2005 49-46.

TSU didn’t offer Williams a scholarship, and after not playing for the Texans he later transferred to Texas Tech to continue his education. It was at Tech where his claim to fame happened (he has a Wikipedia page) after being selected at random out of the stands for a field-goal contest during halftime of the Raiders’ game against the University of Massachusetts.

With a quick stretch and no warmups, Williams quickly booted a 30-yarder through the uprights. The kick set Williams up for a year’s free rent, and it also focused the eyes of Raider Coach Mike Leach right on him.

Leach Williams’ mechanics and the relaxed way he kicked the field goal under pressure and wanted him to kick for the Raiders who were struggling in that department.

With one swing of his leg, Williams went from being a kicker rejected by a D2 school to being a subject of headlines across the country as Leach began exploring the possibility of having him play.

Because Williams hadn’t played for Tarleton, the NCAA was able to grant a one-time special circumstance exemption. However, there was a catch, and Williams would have to give up the free year-long rent he had won by kicking the field goal.

Williams debuted to a roaring success as he booted 9-of-9 PAT, and the kicker was named the AT&T ESPN All-American Player of the Week. The next week Williams’ two field goals were the difference in a 39-33 win over Texas.

There is bound to be a lot more to Williams’ story, and I’m sure readers young and old would like to know.

What do you say, Coach Williams? Want to tell us the rest of the story?

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